My favourite quotes

I remember the first time I wrote a poem was when I was in 7th grade. It was on how a friend should be. It was a little funny yet honest. Since then I developed this unconditional love for writing. My father used to tell me ‘you keep on writing and I will get your poems published’. Till school my poems were limited to mother ,father, friends and nature. But after that they were based mainly on love because you know that phase of life when you are attracted. And being strict about studies…. I never got the guts to show them to my parents. And today the diary is locked in a drawer of my wardrobe whose key I lost a year back and still i don’t have the guts to tell them. And the diary had a good collection of beautiful poems and quotes. Since then I got this habit of collecting the thoughts and quotes from various places. 
So here’s a long list of my favourite quotes and lines that I came across in life till now, some of which I have also practically applied in certain life situations.

  • This is my most favourite one.       Do not bear grudges towards those who are not good to you. No one has the responsibility of treating you well.                                                     This one has helped me many times whenever my close friends treated me badly or hurted me I used to remind myself this quote.      
  • Nothing is in the world that you must possess.                                          If you understand this idea it will be easier to go through life when people around you don’t want you anymore or when you lose the most desired thing.Because at the end all you own is yourself.                                 
  • Forgiveness is the best remedy to any anger. 

Sometimes it’s not easy to forgive and forget certain things but after many months or years you certainly will and then the thing won’t seem to matter anymore.

  • Genius is about knowing when to stop.                                                             This is a dialogue in one of the movies by my favourite actor. When you see a certain pattern or person becoming your habit in life then you should think properly on that whether to continue or stop.                
  • You only lose what you cling toBuddha.

  • Every failure is a road to an opportunity.                                                       
  • I think this is the best one I have ever found.  

  • I am the universe in motion; For I was born from the stars.                      Now dosent this give you instant confidence. 
  • This one’s interesting. I read it on an online shopping website.       Dear stress, let’s break up. I’m going out with fun now.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others, you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves- Chanakya.             
  • I am who I am. No excuses.                This one makes my mood whenever I feel inferior in front of others.            
  • Yeah! Now this is some attitude.

  • Never look back.

  • Some tips for success.

  • And lastly this one in all pic.


The Trip

I missed this so much. It feels so relieved writing after long since it acts as a stress buster especially for someone like me who’s a very anxious person.

I had very recently been to this trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands which is one of the seven union territories in India with parents and it’s worth visiting.The place is famous for its biodiversity and rich variety of corals it embraces in its waters that is popularly known as Kala Pani in hindi. Andaman and Nicobar islands also dosent fail to make a place in the list of top 10 places to visit in India. 

 So let me take you to a short tour of the islands.

We visited the capital , Havelock islands and Neil island.

Port Blair 

Cellular jail in the capital city Port Blair

Cellular jail that is some 100 years old is popularly known as Kala Pani which means black water because back in time when India was struggling for independence, the freedom fighters were kept in these cells and tortured badly by Britishers who ruled the country and indeed they are the ones who built this beautiful jail. And the more old it grows the more beautiful it becomes. When I entered the jail I got so much lost in its story as if I am a part of it and didn’t feel like going back from there.The people of the city never stop admiring this jail as it is a symbol of India’s courage and many great lives ended here.

Havelock Islands.

Radhanagar beach 

This is my favourite part of the tour. Havelock is famous for Radhanagar beach that is the best beach in Asia and it’s water sports like scuba diving, sea walk, snorkeling and many more. It has a huge green belt and you can enjoy the the scenic beauty by bicycle ride. 

The best moment here was when we went to the beach of our resort after having dinner in the evening. The beach was beautifully lit by the dim candles and no other light. The couple’s were having candle light dinner. Isn’t it awesome having dinner with your mate by the beach side under the wide open sky and the soothing breeze and cherry to the cake was the sound of the violent waves giving a beautiful music to your ears. And there I was standing under the purple night sky with wind blowing my hair. The sound of waves alone bought a smile on my face. I looked up and the sky was star studded. For a moment the scene made me forget all my complains and worries and I so much wished to capture that beauty into my words but the words were not enough. That minute looking at the sky made me think that my problems are so small in front of that huge universe above me.

The next day we did water sports like sea walk and snorkeling and you can see the beauty of sea bed in these pics.

Sea Anemone 

Sea Urchin

Finger Coral 

Brain Coral

Neil Island

We were here only for a day. It has a huge variety of corals like mountain coral, honeycomb coral, magic coral that hides on touching and it has a lot of star fishes.

Star fish 

Natural Bridge

This Natural bridge is made up of dead corals over the years and is the perfect place for photography lovers(I am not a good one though).It is surrounded by huge rocks. The surrounding place was affected by the 2004 tsunami that struck the island. You can see a variety of sea fauna and flora in the small water puddles on the way to brigde.

The sun in Andaman and Nicobar islands is very sincere. It rises at early 4:30-5:00 in the morning and sets at 5 in the evening. By 6 or 7 in the eve its completely dark ,people go home and the place becomes desserted and you will feel as if it’s midnight. The great part about the place is that there is very poor network and zero access to internet. So one can enjoy the holiday without any disturbance from work. 

And when the time comes to head the airport to get home and you know that feeling when you want to stay but you also want to go😐.

After coming home I still have that rythmic sound of waves playing in my ears and the typical beach odour from my belongings.😊

What Is Happiness? 

There are so many small and silly things that affect one’s state of mind and emotional ability; for example how an ice cream or listening to your favorite music makes you cheerful.

We meet many people in life showing emotional variations. Some are moody, some like to be quite, some are always happy making others either happy or annoyed of their constant happiness. 

I believe that there are two types of people in this world; first are those who create their own happiness and second category are the ones who are dependent on others for their happiness. So basically the readings of your happiness meter depends on the category you choose to be in.

To understand what happiness is we first need to know how it is created by the body. In our body most of the metabolism is regulated by the hormones. Hormones are the chemical messengers that run through the blood stream and send sensory messages to the brain which in turn sends signals to the organ to function. In simple language hormones control our emotions. This is done by a variety of hormones in our body like oestrogen and progesterone in females mainly and testosterone in males, epinephrine and norepinephrine producing what is known as ‘adrenaline rush’; neurotransmitter like dopamine ; oxytocin producing the positive feelings like love and various others. So when their levels are altered our emotional stability also gets disturbed.

Each and every person consciously or subconsciously has a habit of doing something to make their mood when they are sad. I prefer shopping or surrounding myself with my girl gang. While some eat their stomach out when they are sad.

Our state of mind largely depends on our surrounding atmosphere. If someone is constantly exposed to a sad and depressed environment then it’s quite obvious that the person will grow to become the same. So it is very important to surround ourselves with the positivity. Get along with the people you love or are close to and be with the ones that make you comfortable in your own skin.

Most importantly happiness is not a thing that has to be found at some place or to be taught by someone. And there’s a very simple solution for it. Just let go of everything that makes you sad.

Some of the ways to have a happy life are:

  • Stay healthy.Exercise everyday. Be it a short 15 minutes workout or a quick brisk walk. It activates your brain and keeps you going throughout the day. Also it has double benefits as it will keep you physically healthy. And when you feel healthy you automatically feel happy.
  • Meditate. This is very important as it will help you maintain mental stability and I can assure you this with my personal experience. I have temper issues and meditation has been a great help to me. And like most of us I am also lazy to wake up early in morning, so I wake up only 10 minutes early and use that time for meditation.
  • Cultivate positive thoughts. After waking up in the morning look into the mirror and say to yourself I can and I will do it; I am the best and nothing can make me weak or whichever works for you. This will help build positive energy within you that will stay all the day long.
  • Acceptance. Yes, it is very important to accept the way we are because someone will always be prettier, smarter or younger but they will never be you. And give back to those who don’t accept your way because they don’t deserve you and those who accept you won’t care how you look or the way you are. You are who you are,no excuses in that.
  • Learn to be independent. Because dependence is for weak persons. When you are dependent on some person and when that person goes from your life then your world turns upside down,so it’s better to stand on your own feet. And never keep expectations because eventually expectations lead to disappointments and unhappiness. Also never blame people for your losses because you only loose what you cling to.
  • Let go of the past if that is the reason of your unhappiness because past is to learn and forget. And that will be a complete stupidity sticking to the past and ruining your present because what has already happened can’t change your present except from what you learn from it and not repeat the mistake.
  • Still if you are unhappy without any specific reason then you should consult the psychologist as they will prescribe antidepressants that will help you feel better.
  • And now some of the very easy and my favourite ways:whenever sad eat your favourite chocolate cake or any food, go for a walk or a ride, surround yourself with people, turn the music and be wild,take a shower or a nap or decorate yourself and be creative.

Lastly don’t forget your worth. Forgive everyone at the end of the day and sleep with a clean heart. And don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile of yours;).

Girl with Paper Dreams 

Hello everyone….. Till today I used to write poems and few songs or shayari’s (p.s. All inspired by school and college crushes😜) but was kind of shy to show it in public wondering if people would laugh at me. I always wanted to write my heart out at some place where people will actually read my stuff and I don’t have to care what I write or if anyone will judge me or something,And what can be a better place then here…It’s perfect.So as this is my 1st blog,I will start by introducing myself.

I am 21,a typical kind of girl who live’s in her own fantasy land,but actually it’s a very bad habit because according to you your life is a fairy tale where you will get your prince wrapped with a white unicorn and everything is just so perfect and when you hit the reality….boom it’s all gone.So girls be independent and create your own happiness, actually that’s even more attractive to boys😉.

Coming back to track,my hobbies are swimming travelling and I am a shopaholic,now I know boys don’t like this because it’s too typical but girls, remember how that feel of satin on your body plus the smell of new fabric and when it is finally yours,makes you instantly ten times happier.😃

Also I am a very foodie person. It’s the love of my life. Now talking about food you must be thinking that I may be fat right? But Touchwood God has given me such a beautiful figure with a wheat skin and an envying height of 5’8″ and There I get some smell of burning 😜.

So this was all about myself..You will get to know me more… There’s still a lot to come and I hope I will be a good blogger and not just bore you. Waiting for your positive response.

See ya!